The Aesthetics Of Wood

Wood. What do you make of it? The question posed on wood flooring in appleton wi tends to connote a double impression, does it not. Because on the one hand, you are being asked what you think of wood. And on the other, you may be asked what you would like to make from or build with wood. The most primitive use of wood has always been to make a fire. This fire was to be used to prepare food.   

And it was to be used to keep the camp warm at night once the cooking was done and the meals were taken, and the cleaning area was washed and swept clean. Of course, the occupants of the domestic property will have been living in a wooden cabin at that time. And the floors that were swept clean every day would have been made from wood, although it has to be said that they were using dung. Dung?

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What is this? Well, dung is the excrement obtained from the animals that the original owners of the plot of land on which the wood cabin would be standing. The animals were being kept in pasturage. They would be used to provide food for the inhabitants of the land. You can only imagine the smell. What must have smelt like, what it felt like, to be walking into a home like this after a hard day’s labor. Yes, folks worked very hard indeed in those days.

And don’t you be worrying, folks. They may have been smelly but those floors were contributing towards the warmth of the cabin. Indeed, cow dung would be used to provide additional heat to the fire as well. And of course, wood will have been used as well.