How to be Better Prepared for a Family Move from One Home to Another

One of the best ways to prepare your family, especially children, for a move from one home to another is to talk it out. As soon as you have decided to change houses, your children need to be kept in the loop. It could simply be a passing thought: Should I sell my house in Cape Coral? Regardless, your children, particularly older kids, need to know that you are thinking of a move. If only so they can mentally prepare for the scenario.

Here are a few more ways you can better prepare your family for a move from one home to another.

Visit the New House Before You Ever Move There

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To become acquainted with the new house, take your family on a special trip to visit. Let the kids pick out their rooms, explore the house together, and make plans as a family. Talk about upcoming holidays, like where you will hang Christmas stockings, and get excited about the move.

Develop a Packing Plan and Keep Everyone Motivated with Incentives

Packing is an annoyance. If you aren’t hiring professional packers and movers, you need to keep your spouse and kiddos motivated to pack up your current house. Assign rooms and jobs to each person, then provide incentives. For instance, if all of the kitchen and bathrooms are packed into boxes by dinner time, you’ll have a pizza party.

Expect and Address Big Emotions About the Move

Emotions run high when preparing for a move. Tempers can flare, there might be some tears, and it’s hard to say goodbye to somewhere you’ve lived for so long. Expect this. Counter it with communication.

Planning a move can be emotionally taxing for a family, especially if your current home is the only home your kids have ever known. It’s important to stick together throughout a move and keep your kids involved in the process. They will appreciate the respect as much as you will appreciate the help.

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